33% life crisis.  The name my husband (Dan) helped me come up with for the “life crisis” I’m having.  Despite the name, it’s not an actual crisis.  Turning 30 this year has coincided with the realization that there is so much I have yet to see!  Since traveling can get expensive…I looked for something close by (I live in Frederick, Maryland), where I could still do and see new things, without breaking the bank.  Thus, the Virginia/Maryland Winery & Brewery Bucket List came to be.  I have got places to go, people to meet, and local beer and wine to drink!

What you won’t find:  Perfectly crafted sentences with carefully chosen word choice. Or fancy wine descriptions that only wine experts understand.

What you will find:  Details that would help you plan a trip to each vineyard/winery/brewery: Can you bring your own food?  Are they dog friendly?  Is there live music?  And most importantly… how was the wine!?

Hope you get as much from this adventure as I plan to!