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July 2016

Sparkling Strawberry Sangria

A few months ago, Dan and I visited Great Shoals Winery in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Read about our first visit here!  Sumih, the communications manager, told us the Berry Draft (a sparkling strawberry wine) was amazing… { read more }

July 18, 2016

King Family Vineyards

King Family Vineyards was the last stop on our Charlottesville Wine Tour.  King Family Vineyards is a family-run vineyard, just like all 3 other stops on our tour!  I’m wondering if its too late to convince my… { read more }

July 1, 2016

Pollak Vineyards

Pollak Vineyards was the third stop on our Charlottesville Wine Tour.  By the time we got here, I wasn’t very on top of my picture-taking game.  Easily distractable after two wineries… Pollak is a small… { read more }

July 1, 2016